Academic performance(学业上的表现)
1.breadth of general knowledge (知识丰富)
2.knowledge of literature in his field (本专业领域知识)
3.grade or achievement (成绩或者成就)
4.industry,diligence (勤勉)
5.participation in discussion (讨论积极)
6.academic maturity (学业上的成熟)
1.ability to speak, understand, read and write the English language (听说读写英文的能力)(跨文化沟通和交流)
2.ability to read signify can literature in other languages than English (英语以外的语言阅读能力)
Scholastic aptitude(学习方面的才能)
1.native intellectual ability (天赋)(学习方法,学习习惯)
2.Imagination (想象力)
3.creativity (创造力)
4.capacity for analytical thinking (分析思考能力)
5.intellectual curiosity 或 spirit of inquiry (好奇心)
6.ability to work independently (独立学习工作的能力)
Scholastic aptitude(学习方面的才能)
3.capability for abstract reasoning(抽象推理能力)
4.potential as a researcher (研究潜力)
5.potential as a teacher (教学的潜力)
6.ability to express his ideas orally and in writing (口头或者文字的表达能力)(沟通能力)
7.capacity,desire and determination for good quality graduate work (获得学业成功的能力、愿望与决心)
Character (品行)
1. honesty,integrity (诚实)(大方、外向)
2. sincerity (诚恳)
3. sense of responsibility (责任感)
4. cooperation (合作)
5. enthusiasm (热诚)
6. conscientiousness (自觉性)
7. ethical and moral standards (伦理与道德标准)
8. reliability, dependability (可靠性)